Greater Faith's History...


The vision of Greater Faith Christian Ministries was conceived in our Lead Pastor and visionary, Pastor Erich J. Jackson, in April 1999.  This ministry was to be non-denominational and multicultural with God’s word as its foundation.  Like everything else in life, Pastor Erich knew that establishing this ministry was a process and could only be done when the season was come.


On January 28, 2003, Pastor Erich was voted on by the members of First New Zion Baptist Church of Dinsmore (a predominantly African-American church) to serve as its fifth pastor.  In the first year, the membership grew intensely from 17 to 127 due to the teaching and preaching of God’s word.


In June of 2006, God revisited Pastor Erich concerning Greater Faith Christian Ministries.  Pastor Erich tried to make ministry work at First New Zion Baptist Church.  He called a meeting among the Board of Directors and recommended a name change for the ministry.  It was unanimously voted upon.  Upon taking this decision to the body, the majority voted in favor of the name change, the remnant voted against it.  On June 19, 2006, the name was changed to New Zion Christian Fellowship.  Those who voted against the change, brought about a lot of controversy in the ministry, even disturbing the worship experiences.


In May 2007, God revisited Pastor Erich a third time concerning Greater Faith Christian Ministries.  Without hesitation, Pastor Erich hearkened to the voice of God.  On May 28, 2007, a formal meeting was held in the home of Pastor Lonal and Zanetta Hawes with seven in attendance.  That night, a Board of Directors was formed and the name “Greater Faith Christian Ministries” was unanimously voted upon.  The members of the original Board of Directors are:


  • Pastor Erich J. Jackson
  • Pastor Lonal L. Hawes, Sr.
  • Deacon Henry Jackson
  • LaSharles M. Jackson
  • Minister Zanetta C. Hawes
  • Sharolyn L. Hardy
  • Judith Lockett


On July 1, 2007, we held our first worship service in the Edward H. White High School Auditorium with 49 members in attendance.


On January 28, 2008, we were invited by Mrs. Marva Y. Watkins to utilize the chapel of her funeral home for our worship services and to accommodate our weekly Bible Studies.  On February 3, 2008, we began having our services in the chapel of McKinney-Watkins Funeral Home on South Edgewood Avenue.  While utilizing the chapel, our ministry grew physically and spiritually which caused us to search for a larger facility.


In September 2008, we relocated to a store front at 590 Edgewood Avenue South.  Once again, our ministry experienced another growth in its membership.


On December 19, 2010, we began to worship in our current facility located at 5373 Lenox Avenue.  Since we have been at this location, God has opened so many doors and has increased the membership of our ministry above and beyond our expectations.  On January 9, 2011, our Lead Pastor ordained Brother Bryan K. Wilson and Brother Robert D. Hawley deacons and join forces with Deacon Henry Jackson. On March 27, 2011, Brother Robert Gutierrez was licensed as a minister and appointed to serve as the Youth Pastor of this ministry.  God continued to do miraculous wonders in our ministry throughout 2011.  On January 8, 2012, Brother Jerry Cannon was ordained as a deacon.


As the vision continues to unfold, we solicit your prayers that God will continue to bless the efforts of our commitment to the call of this ministry.